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    HELENIKA is a culture and science international collaboration center, part of Swiss Center, St.Petersburg, the principal sponsor of Helenika's non-profit cultural programs. The center was founded on June 15, 2006 by Ms. Madeleine Isabelle Lüthi, the first Honorary Consul of Switzerland in post-imperial St. Petersburg (1998-2006), who created the Swiss Center in 1993.

    One of Helenika's principal objectives is optimizing international, in particular, Russo-Swiss cooperation in the sphere of culture, science and business, supporting creative youth and promotion of international events focused on unity of universal cultural space. The HELENIKA also promotes international effort to develop museum, archival and library collections of St. Petersburg and Europe. The mission of the HELENIKA Center is reflected in its motto: 'Cognatio Spiritualis,' or, Spiritual Closeness: as the Center's goal is to promote the creation of the uniform cultural space first appeared in the Hellenic world, with its top priorities being culture, science and tolerance. which were fully revealed by the Olympic movement. Currently, the Swiss Confederation serves as a mini-model of united Europe. Its cantons are independent, yet united by their common goals; working together they enrich the spiritual and economic environment of the country while retaining their unique traits.

    Helenika Center's main lines of work are reflected in its three priority programs:

  • "Museion" - historical, cultural and artistic cooperation; promotes international effort to develop museum, archival and library collections of St. Petersburg and Europe and of international events focused on unity of universal cultural space;
  • "Tectonika" - science and business cooperation;
  • "Juventus" - supporting young people through Youth and Cultural Heritage educational programs, revival of art among general public.
  • Helenika's programs are based on many years of cooperation between its President Ms. M. I. Lüthi and Vice President E. M. Tarkhanova, curator of Europe-St. Petersburg Programs in 1991-2003 (over 20 international projects total), and "The Swiss in St. Petersburg" Project (2000-2006).

    Helenika also carried out a number of projects in partnership with the leading scientific, educational, and archival centers of Russia and Europe. Their programs included a number of major Russian-Swiss projects, including:

  • "Franz Le Fort, Closest Associate of Peter the Great" (partnering with the State Museum of Russian Art, Institut des Suisses dans le monde, and Musée des Suisses dans le monde in Geneva, with the financial support of Pro Helvetia Swiss Cultural Foundation, 1999);
  • seminar "Artists and Artistic Companies in Jewelry of the Early 20th Century: Faberge Circle" (in partnership with the State Hermitage, ssociation des Amies de François Birbaum - Egle and Pro Fribourg - Fribourg, 1999);
  • the project of restoring and conserving unique parquet floors of the late 17th century in Fribourg (in partnership with Pro Fribourg Association and Service des biens culturels du canton de Fribourg, Switzerland, 2000);
  • Clara Messagère Exhibition and "Antipodes" play based on C. Messager's novel in Dostoyevsky Museum (in partnership with Pro Fribourg Association, Dostoyevsky Museum and the White Theater, with the financial support provided by Pro Helvetia Swiss Cultural Fund, 2001);
  • preparation and publication of "The Swiss in St. Petersburg" collection (Russian and Swiss versions, 2000-2003), presenting the research of 80 Swiss and St. Petersburg scholars, an official present of the Government of Switzerland for the tercentennial celebration of St. Petersburg;

  • an anniversary Swiss-St. Petersburg colloquium "Mathematicians and Physicists from Basel in St. Petersburg Academy of Sciences (in partnership with the St. Petersburg Science Center of the Russian Academy of Sciences, Basel-Stadt Canton, Bernulli-Basel Society, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Switzerland, Präsenz Schweiz and the Honorary Consulate of Switzerland in St. Petersburg);
  • participation in preparing "Russia and Switzerland: Ages of Love and Oblivion (1680-2006)", dedicated to 60th anniversary of renewing diplomatic ties between Russia and Switzerland (Museum of History in Lozano, 2006). In addition to Switzerland, Helenika will cooperate with other countries as well.

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