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    The Anthology of Russian porcelain
    Patron of Arts: Europe to St. Petersburg
    Commander A. Suvorov and Switzerland
    "Monte Generoso" Composition
    Diploma of F. Hattenberger
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    Vinogradov Readings - 2010 in St. Petersburg

    To the 290th anniversary of D.I. Vinogradov (1720 - 1758)
    To the 300th anniversary of the creation of the Meissen Royal Porcelain Manufactory

    Vinogradov Readings-2010 in St. Petersburg
    Master Class

    The First Porcelain of Europe: The Meissen Figurines and the Gala Tablewares
    Fourth International Porcelain Scholarship Conference in Russia

    The OJSC 'Imperial Porcelain Manufactory' (151, prospekt Obukhovskoy oborony)
    The leading museums of St. Petersburg

    The conference is organized by
    Swiss enter of St. Petersburg - lenika Center. Russia, St. Petersburg
    OJSC 'Imperial Porcelain Manufactory' (IPM). Russia, St. Petersburg
    Gesellschaft der Keramikfreunde - The GKF. Germany
    Baron Stieglitz St. Petersburg State Academy of Industrial Arts

    The conference will be attended by
    Representatives of the leading museums and academic institutions,
    experts and collectors from Russia and Europe
    St. Petersburg, 15 - 17 November, 2010

    In September 28 - October 3, 2006, as a part of program of a familiarization visit to St. Petersburg arranged for circa 70 members of the Ceramic Friends' Association (Gesellschaft der Keramikfreunde - GKF, Germany) by the Helenika Center, along with tours to St. Petersburg museums and countryside mansions there were meetings between the GKF associates and professionals of St. Petersburg: arts historians, museum custodians of ceramics and porcelain, artists and craftsmen of the Imperial Porcelain Manufactory OJSC (OJSC "IPM", St. Petersburg). The members of GKF consulted with the colleagues directly at the museum displays. At conclusion of the visit they discussed possibilities for a first international conference of ceramists to be held in November 2007 in St. Petersburg.

    The first international theoretical and practical conference for porcelain experts 'Vinogradov Readings-2007. Porcelain of the 19th Century: Enterprises. Collectors. Experts,' took place in St. Petersburg on November 12th to 15th, 2007 and gathered the leading European and Russian specialists. This conference, which became the first stage of the international program 'European Porcelain' (2007-2010), was organized in the memorable year -255 years after Dmitriy Ivanovitch Vinogradov (1720 -1758), the inventor of Russian porcelain, had finished his unique work 'Detailed description of pure porcelain', the first-ever monograph on manufacturing techniques of porcelain, and 300 years after Johann Friedrich Bottger had discovered the formula of hard porcelain in Meissen.

    The aim of the international program 'European Porcelain' is an advanced universal analysis of the evolution of the porcelain culture, and of mutual influences of national and private manufacturing centers and professional training systems; popularization of collections; positioning of the Russian porcelain and its evaluation by experts in the general European context; and promotion of meetings and cooperation between professionals.

    The second conference: 'Vinogradov Readings-2008. Porcelain of 1800-1830s: Enterprises, Collectors, Experts' was organized on November 10th to 14th, 2008, the year of the 250th anniversary of D.I. Vinogradov's death, the year of the establishment of the Ludwigsburg porcelain manufactory, and the year of the 140th anniversary of Nicolas II birthday, and the 90th anniversary of tragic death of the imperial family in Yekaterinburg. In the frames of the Romanov subject a new thematic rubric was opened: 'The unique materials of European family archives of the leading masters of the IPM presented by their descendants.' Dr. Marcus Schutz (Germany) told about Leonhard Schaufelberger, his ascend to the general master of the IPM.

    The third conference: 'Vinogradov Readings -2009. Porcelain, Faience and Majolica of the 1840-1930s. Historism, Modern Style, Art Deco: Enterprises, Collectors, Experts' took place on November 9th to 13th, 2009, the year of the 265th anniversary of the creation of IPM (1744) and of the beginning of D.I. Vinogradov's work (5th/16th November 1744) at the 'Nevsky Porcelain Manufactory' (since 1765 -IPM) and of the 300th anniversary of the Memorandum to Augustus the Strong about the first items of European porcelain by Johann Friedrich Botger. To the 265th anniversary of IPM a book about L. Schaufelberger was published for the first time with some other unique private documents from their family archives.

    The conferences were organized by the Swiss enter at St.Petersburg on behalf of the International Helenika enter (international cooperation in the sphere of culture and science and patronage of arts) that is a part of it, OJSC 'Imperial Porcelain Manufactory' (St. Petersburg), the Ceramic Friends' Association (GKF, Germany), the Baron Stieglitz St. Petersburg State Academy of Industrial Arts and the St. Petersburg Scientific Center of the Russian Academy of Sciences in collaboration with the representatives of the leading museums and academic institutions and experts and collectors from Russia and Europe. The author of the idea and the curator of the project is Helenika Center.

    The participation of the Swiss center is quite proved: the Swiss played an essential role in perfection and development of manufacturing of Russian porcelain. It is enough to recollect the names of the Geneva professor Franz Hattenberger, a known painter-technologist and sculptor that promoted to the creation of the private porcelain enterprise of Gardner, an active reformer and director in the beginning of the 19th century of the IPM, and Leonhard Schaufelberger, the general master of the workshop of the IPM who promoted its perfecting.

    One of the most active organizers of the Petersburg forum of porcelain makers was the GKF (Germany) that united known critics, collectors, experts and more than a hundred museums and libraries of the world. Its purposes are to activate the research of ceramics and collecting and support of museums and scientists are similar to the ones of Vinogradov Readings.

    The visiting sessions were traditionally held in the form of consultations-debates on the attribution, dating, practical functions and exhibiting of the objects. The most important debated subjects were also: typology and elements of the styles; the problems of restoration and the training of pottery experts and restorers of pottery; coping of the historical examples, immersion to the epoch, forming a sense of style; principles of exhibiting of original products and additions to known ensembles.

    All these problems were reflected in the materials that will be published in our book. The idea f this international publication was first declared at the Vinogradov Readings-2007, and corresponded to the original motto declared at the first Conference in November 2007: 'Cognatio Spiritualis' (spiritual closeness, the motto of Helenika Center). The Hellenic cultural worldview puts forward culture, spiritual unity, and joint search for truth and faithfulness to classical traditions.

    The logo of the Conference, grapevine, corresponds to this idea. A symbol of fertility and creativity, the grapevine symbol survived all epochs and styles of national cultures and repeatedly appeared in European porcelain decor.

    Here, at the Vinogradov Readings, for the first time museum keepers, art historians, professors, as well as restorers, collectors and antique dealers, the descendants of the general master of the IPM L. Schaufelberger, the relatives of the manager of the IPM Baron N. von Wolff, the descendants of the proprietors and reformers of the Baranovka Porcelain factory Gripari Family worked together as participants of discussions and members of the international expert group that worked on visiting consultations museum. Their work was surprisingly harmonious and fruitful.

    A wide-ranging video sequence of the reports included more than 700 numbers, consisted of little-known works from museums and private collections half of them. Some of the unique items have been dated and signed, most of these have never before been described in research. This international publication includes brand new materials. We hope that this book will become an integral part of the chronicle of European porcelain, and we thank the organizers and the participants of the Vinogradov Readings in St. Petersburg.

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    The project curator and concept author:
    lenika enter. Russia, St. Petersburg
    The General Sponsor:
    Swiss enter. Russia, St. Petersburg
    The Sponsor:
    OJSC 'Imperial Porcelain Manufactory'. Russia, St. Petersburg
    Information sponsor of the project:
    Gesellschaft der Keramikfreunde and its magazine KERAMOS. Germany
    The Official Residence of the participants:
    Helvetia Hotel

    Presentation of the Book 'Vinogradov Readings in St. Petersburg. The Materials of International Scholarship Conferences 2007 - 2009'

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